The following items have been allowed into the campaign from other sources:

The following spells have been allowed into the Campaign from other sources:

Benign Transportation


Wall of Smoke

Insight of Good Fortune

Omen of Peril

The following spells have been approved with the following adjustments:

Arcane Turmoil ( does NOT cause a targeted Dispel Magic, but may cause spellcasters to lose spell slots. Granting a dispel magic of this power at this level is inappropriate and would cause too many rebalancing issues).

Heroics (the spell component actually DOES have cost, moreover, the fighter giving the armament piece MUST know the feat in question, moreover the spell lasts 1 minute / level)

Quick Potion (only the caster of the Quick Potion Spell can then cast a spell to make the potion)

Detect Weaponry (only differentiates items made intentionally as weapons, does not detect improvised items that could be, or are intended to be used, as weaponry).

True Casting (may NOT be turned into a potion via Quick Potion)

Augury (no longer requires an expensive spell component, but still requires the focus)

Animalistic Power (last rounds not minutes, don’t want it overshadowing Bear’s Endurance, Cat’s Grace, etc)

Chain of Eyes (may only chain along a number of creatures equal to your level + 1).

Detect Favored Enemy (duration is concentration with a limit of 10 min / CASTER level). RANGER ONLY.


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