Kingdoms of Kalamar

Behind the Screen and Beyond the Scene

BirthRight Campaign Master Outline & Notes

Things that the players have forgotten about: Foroggoth the Hezrou Demon, the Imp, the Quasit, and the Goblins serving the Ogre. The Demon said “The Pact has been Made.” Olimar the Green Dragon has a parent, whom will come looking for the adventurers later, named ?Victoriginox? Namyria ( Bruno Trickfoot ‘s fey wife) has been left guarding the hoard, and still expects a proper fey wedding on their return. Elder Kuroper still has… THINGS to deal with the party regarding REASONS. The rescued Dwarf slave of the Evil Wizard. Queen Tatania doesn’t like the Fey wedding.

Things that need to come into play: The Senate, or at least Senators, of Pekal. Their Patrician Patron. The royals from far off lands coming for the Fey wedding. Queen Tatiana. The Druid’s Circle. The College of Magic (and it’s enforcers). Muppatta’s mentor.

A Dragon’s Hoard (Items from The Mother of All Treasure Tables, ended on page 116)

Treasure in the Dragon’s Hoard (some of it Dragon Made):

You see a throne-like oaken chair elaborately carved with forest creatures, people, and some sort of shapeshifter crossing betwixt the two (500 gp) supplemented with niches

holding small gold statues of fey ( 4 statues worth 125 gp each). 1000 gp so far.

You discover a large intaglio (recessed engraving worth 185 gp) carved from chalcedony and strung upon a finely made gold cina (400 gp). The intanglio i sexecuted on a piece of semi-transparent chalcedony & portrays a drayad among the boughs of her oka tree. Her hair swirls like the currents of the wind itself and is adorned with a chaoti posy of oak loeaves. The contour of the dryad’s simple own and the patterend lower border of the oak bough and leaves correspond to the oval shape of the intaglio which is large enough to cover the larger area of a woman’s palm. The stone seems stained with dark, currantcolored ink, and it is probable it was also used a s a seal.

On top of a pile of coins lies a leather bound bound book (340 gp).There is notitle on the cover and as you lift the book you catch a whiff of the smell of grass or something like it. You open the book to the first page and see an oak leaf clipped to the page with a small metal band. You turn and find a leaf from a black lotus tree. Intrigued, you begin to flip through the pages , and sure enough, every one has a single leaf from a different tree on it. There are over one hundred pages of tree leaves ctalogued in the book. You cannot imagine the time it must hae taken someone to collact all of the leaves here, especially considering that not all the are indigioenous to this area.

You set the book aside, realizing whoever owned this chest wads definitel a tree lover. You sift through the silver coins and near the bootom you feel something hard and rectangular. You retrieve it to find aan oaken about a fot wid by a hand span deep and tall (1 gp). You carefully remove the lid and your eyes fall upon six brooches, each one made of platinum and forged into the likeness of a lfea. The leaves represented are dogwood, chestnut oak, sycamore, witch hazel, honey ltus, and mountain ash. Each one is intricately designe and impressive to behold (520 gp). 2500 gp.

This place looks like it is used for storage, and it appears the owner has an intense interet in furs. Sveeral different animal furs are hung from pegs on the walls. All of the furs have been altered so they can be worn. the first you approach is the fur of a winter wolof fashion to be worn over the body like a poncho (235 gp). Next you come to the fur of a small balck bear fashioned so it can be worn as a cloak (95 gp). Another fur hanging on the will is a red fox, and it has been altered so that it can be worn as a cape, where the fox’s head sits atop your s and its body flows down the back of your neck (75 gp).

Use page 121 for wedding gifts. OR PAGE 132! Perhaps page 134? Balanced on its side you discover an enormous sundial (200 pounds, 22380 gp)> It is wrotought of bright, gleaming gold the color of godenrod pollen, and shaped in a stylized rnediotn of a sunflower: the flat surface is carved in many rises and hills, graduating out o a fromae of small, oval petals, then tappering into a thick ‘stem’, where a subtle hollow suggest the device was meant to rest upon a slim but sturdy pillar. Set along the otuer edge of the sundial are gems to make the passing of hours: four opals an six sapphires alternaing. two gmes seem to have been pried out by theieve’s hands only hollows remain where the gems once rested.

The floor is practically covered with coins of all sizes from many different nations, including ones you don’t recognize. Copper, silver, gold, and even a few platinum litter the entire surface of the floor. There are thousands of them, most them being copper pieces, and it will take hours and probably more than one trip to retrieve them all adn get them out of this room to a safe place (16 ft x 16 ft by 1 inch deep). Use whatever amount of money you want.

Use Page 128 for the throne of the wood elf king

With trepidation you remove the clothg and discover a remarkably well preserved stuffed winter wolf (300 gp) replete with luxuriant fur, two life-like glass eyes, where dagger=like fangs and black snarling lips. Beside this display of masterful taxidermy is another, slightly taller draped figure, pulling back the hempen cloth from this objcut reveals a preserved, stuffed male unirocn with intact horn (5000 gp). The unicorn’s right front hoff is rasied as if in defense and its proud nostrils are flared. The taxidermist has relplicated the creatures’ expresioon with alarming realism, even to the whites of the beast’s rolled0back eyesl.

A dozen toothpicks carved of ivory (1 gp each).

You see a large shape, easily the height of a large man and twice the width, drapped in rtted, moldy linen. Pulling away the cloth causes it to disintegare in a faine, aggravating dust which coats the items it was hiding in a gray dingy film. You discoter the odd shwap was due to the number of large items hidden under the rotted cltoh. The tallest of them seem sto be a block of wood as tall as a man, but it has been carved almost as if it were stone, showing a mountain woodland scene of incredible detial (300 gp petrified wood statue). It ssems as if the artisan’s tools captured each needle of every fir tree, and a forest is shown marching up the mighty flanks of the snow-capped mountain. Half-hidden among the first line of tress is a large house with myria eaves and chimenys.

Use page 131 for the treasure of the Dragon Slayer.

A water clock (1500 gp). The water clock sits on a marble pedestal and a piece of chrysoberyl is set into the center of it’s face. It is currently empty but appears to be in perfect worign order. Each number on it’s face is made of a tiny mosica of multicolored cihips of marble, and ll of its tinyu gears are of brightloy polished brass.

Throne of evil on page 142.


Uh Jason, were we meant to be able to see this log?


No you weren’t but it was a test post of the treasure trove anyways. All the most important items are in the GM Only area, I just wanted to see if I could make a “GM Only” post and evidently it doesn’t work for the Adventure Log. Alas. Though I didn’t plan it out like this it’s probably for the best anyways since most people have forgotten many of the plot threads, like the Frog Demon Altar talking about a pact being made.


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