Kingdoms of Kalamar

Finally the Finale: Call me Shaymalan

Gen 1 prelude completed

Prelude Session # 3:

Adventuring Party:

Leon Lander: Male Human Cleric of the Free
Lukas Travial: Male Human ?Champion Fighter?
Kordis: Male Tinker gnome Paladin (?devotion?) of Mechanus now DECEASED
Caldo Malatesta: Male Human Rogue?
TelAmothan: ‘Female Human’ Druid?
Halfling Wild Sorcereress Shawna Sourleaf
Fey Warlock?

“Reserve” Party Members

Elsa: Female Half-Elf Bard of Lore – player not present

Dwarven Barbarian
Kuroper the Ranger
Diviner Wizardess

Summary of Session

Mephits in workshop largely defeated, Eye of Annhilation retconned with Froggoroth, mephit uncorked and workshop destroyed.

Second encounter the Clan of the Claw mercenary group. Human child gets away. Party bypasses combat at this juncture through strenuous negotiations.

Third encounter: the Foes of Nature: dual summoning ritual. Caldo slays the summoner (interesting family tradition again) and when asked for mercy whispers ‘no.’ Anti-Elemental Anti-Iconic Genasi Party. Hordes of mephits. Shwana takes control of them and escapes. Paladin of Mechanus dies protecting the party’s retreat?

Implications of the Revelations

Asher Tradefolk revealed

Distribution of Rewards including INSPIRATION Points

As mentioned Inspiration has moved from a binary condition to a ‘pool’ of dice like certain feats and class features. A mixture of XP and Inspiration Points will be awarded for good roleplay, facilitation of fun, and maintenance of the campaign world. Occasionally special equipment may be distributed for these factors as well. An MVP will be voted upon by the players after each session following a short discussion whom shall receive a reward of the kind noted above.

In the Second Generation all characters whom joined will start with ONE Inspiration point for having participated in this adventure.

Another inspiration point my be earned for posting in the RP Discussion thread wrapping up the 1st Gen adventure.

A third inspiration point will be granted by an MVP vote.

A fourth inspiration point may be received as a reward for good RP or facilitation of fun (helping out with the games aka ‘Brownie Points’).

Totals to be posted later after MVP and RP discussions. Players have until wednesday July 8th to post on these two threads.

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Too bad we didn’t get to see middle-aged man Kuroper come to the rescue.


Could still happen, there’s plenty of retconning to be done after all ;-P

JeLovins77373 JeLovins77373

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