Kingdoms of Kalamar

The Sunless Altar

Abadon, the Mage
Asher Tradefolk
Arianthana Dawnchaser
Bruno Trickfoot
Korra Lander
Piero Malatesta

The Story

The party reached the promontory above the vampiric tree. A length of vampiric brambles separated the party from the altar. They began to attempt to sneak, however Korra loudly gave away their position by running into a bramble. Quickly the mages began to run up towards the altar.

Korra rushed towards the altar, ducking the vampiric brambles. Piero was a mere step to her side, once again ablaze. As Korra came within javelin distance of Belak, Abaddon curled his fingers and his eyes blinked quickly.

Mela was frozen in fright, hunger and thirst. The skulls of the infernal altar were whispering in anticipation. “Ripe apples for the tree,” “Young dreams to bind,” “Cleft for thee, hide in me.” The walls were wrong… the walls were wrong… She shut her eyes, the ground suddenly shifted, and the whispering stopped.

Korra ground to a halt as she drew sight of Piero on the altar. Korra quickly turned only to see Mela, a haunted shadow of the child she was. The red moons light bathed the altar in its light, speckling the surroundings as it filtered through the corrupt tree. Piero unbridled his anger and bellowed his blood thirst. The howl echoed and resonated in the cavernous chamber creating a deafening clamor. Korra wheeled back towards the altar, something was far amiss. As Piero leapt onto Belak, that which Korra had feared had arisen; Piero had given himself in towards the beast and had only thoughts of ripping its meal.

Fiends were closing in on Korra, her heart racing, she grabbed Mela and ran for the gate.

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