Kingdoms of Kalamar

Faction Fracas Finale

Part 1: Into the Sewers!

Act 4 Scene 1: My, this is familiar
After leaving the Mushroom Kingdom behind, we enter a tunnel. A tunnel in the sewers. After so much action and the weirdness of mushroom kingdom, the party is so moved by the normalcy of the tunnel that a discussion breaks out that we should stop trying to get to the surface, find a nice tunnel somewhere, and set up a small colony where we can live out the rest of our days. A few slaps to the face and we’re back in our right minds, and all the more determined to see that great big bright thing in the sky again. One day we’ll get there, one day.

Act 4 Scene 2: Where house?
In fact, the tunnel we took lead us to proper civilization. We entered an underground warehouse for the Sentinels of Sanct Holme. We found some supplies, guard uniforms, and a proper exit. Pierro found some shirts belonging to the Montefeltro clan, and confiscated them so he can rip them when he rages. We exit the warehouse to find our friends in the Band of the Minute hand encircled by the city guard. There was a plethora of discussion, insults, and proper papers passed around to explain that these creatures of monstrous origin were in fact under our honorable care and that we all arrived here by mistake. We were in the process of showing how we came upon the warehouse to the guards when we find the mushroom kingdom on fire. The Foes of Nature have come back and are burning the underground forest down.

Act 4 Scene 3: Gotta go fast.
We are tasked to tell the senate about the foes of nature and the fire in the sewers, so we set off quickly with everyone. Several cultists chase after us, but we have enough of a head-start that we see daylight before them.

Inspiration point to everyone.

Sanct Holme.

Claims of being a montefeltro. Admission of guilt. Getting the story to the Senate.

Escaping with the Band of the Second Hand.

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