Kingdoms of Kalamar

Faction Fracas Finale Part 2

Out of the Fish-Fry!

Act 3 Scene 1: Kuo-Toa Troubles
We got fished out of the flood by fish. We were literally dripping, with irony. Kuo-Toa used man-catchers to pull us out and lead us to their underground village. They all chanted something profane, and we could see ahead a ziggurat with the stains of blood that flowed from the top. A particularly grotesque one stood at the top with an obsidian knife. Having enough of this, Pierro decided to dig his heels in and the procession stopped. The Band of the Minute Hand (aka Band of the Second Hand) took this moment to cause a fracas so the humans could egress. Jebeddi No Hands and his half-man band showed up on pipes high overhead and lowered ropes to the party. Climing is better than wading through hundreds of Kuo-Toa, so they hoisted or were hoisted to the pipes above. Two of the gnomes tried to die, but Arianthana caught and saved one of them from a splattery fate. Together, they walked away from the fight, only to part ways when the gnomes came to a gnome-sized tunnel that none of us could follow them through.

Act 3 Scene 2: Hornswaggled.
We all roamed around the dark, dank sewers, climbing over pipes and slipping on the dampness. We chanced upon a wagon of odd items, recently abandoned. After a cursory inspection of its contents and the dust on the floor, we discovered that the people who were using it were still around. With a torch held high, Korra begins to barter for passage against the contents of the abandoned wagon. Pirates come flooding out, and will calmly negotiate after Pierro calls upon his uncle Kaldo’s reputation. We don’t trust them, they don’t trust us, but a deal is struck. We follow them to a secret passage that leads to an underground aqueduct. They have a boat waiting, and they take their supplies first and leave us their captain.

Act 3 Scene 3: Dances with Rats
A small bout of waiting where Pierro embraces his wild-side, communes with a rat, and finds a hole up. The rest of us are clued in on a battle against Sea Reavers. We prepare a passable ambush which we then almost botch. The plan is that we capsize their boat to dump them out, un-capsize the boat so we can get in, and then row away. We end up capsizing their boat so Aegis can get on, un-capsize it to throw Aegis in the river, and then have Lucius get grabbed by a Sea Reaver and almost drown. We scramble to get everyone into the boat. Pierro spots his exit, and has Felix drop a rope from the hole so everyone else can climb up. We leave the pirate captain to his fate, and then continue on our magical Journey.

Act 3 Scene 4: Adventures in Mushroom Kingdom
Glowing walking mushrooms should be avoided at all cost. Glowing talking mushrooms should be avoided at every cost. We didn’t bother them, and they didn’t bother us. After all, we don’t wanna get high and find ourselves in the sewers again. Also, we don’t know what they’d do to meatbags like us, especially after what the rat said about them. With caution as the better part of valor, we skirt the fungus field and find a way out that isn’t covered in footprints or fungus.

Band For All-Free: Jebeddi No Hands: Forest Gnome Thief

Pirate’s Pieces of Eight. Defeated some Sea Reavers.

Emerald Enclave (avoided)
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