Government:Honorable Class
Prominent Personalities: Abadon, the Mage
Arianthana Dawnchaser
Asher Tradefolk
Agatha Cleric of Estanna
Bruno Trickfoot
Korra Lander
Piero Malatesta
Monetary System: Silver
Prominent Language(s): Kalamaran
Race Relations: Friendly to non-evil humanoids
Prominent Religions: Face of the Free
Economy: Lumber, Farming, and Pleasure Women
Legal System: Trial by Judge


Settled by Pekalese freemen in I.R. 538, specifically Kroper the elder. Only he was mad enough to settle out on the frontier. In I.R. 544, Leon Lander settled in Dundenvale after the birth of Korra Lander. Leon was acknowledged as a patrician by Pekal after building a manor in the thorp.

Leon was slain by an Ogre on I.R. 563 Declarations 12th thus Korra inherited his title and stewardship over the thorp. The town was saved from the Ogre as the town heroes brought it down.


Notable Locations

Lander Manor

Keep Greyskull


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