The Gods of Tellene
The majority of the people on Tellene are polytheistic; that is, they believe in more than one god. A person may or may not worship multiple deities, but she will most certainly acknowledge their existence. Tellene is home to magic, both divine and arcane, and a large pantheon of gods whose clerics, if not themselves, are constantly involved in the affairs of Tellene.
Wizards and sorcerers are not overly abundant and common people accept most unusual and seemingly inexplicable events as the work of one of the gods rather than arcane magic. In smaller communities, the townsfolk easily confuse wizards and especially sorcerers with clerics, and arcane spells may be misconstrued as miracles or portents of the gods. This can work to a spellcaster’s weal or woe depending on which god the commoners believe sent the miracle.

The world of Tellene is overseen by a single pantheon of gods. While there are many deities, the same deities are worshiped by all races. There is no pantheon that specifically oversees elves, for example. Each race or culture calls the gods by different names. They may ascribe different qualities or relationships to the gods, but they are still the same gods. The following chart gives the most common title of each god in the Merchant’s Tongue, their spheres of influence, the name of the church, the name of the clergy, and the deity’s typically portrayed alignment.

AL Deity Spheres of Influence Colors
LG Knight of the Gods Chivalry, Valor Blue, Gold, White
LG Holy Mother Home, Industriousness, Marriage White, Blue, Gray
LG Speaker of the Word Honor, Oaths, Ethics Red, Silver
LG The True Justice, Truth White, Gold
LG The Eternal Lantern Day, Light, Dawn, Sun White, Yellow, Gold
NG The Raiser Fertility, Agriculture, Harvest, Life Brown, Green
NG The Peacemaker Peace, Comfort Sky Blue, Lt. Green, Lavender
NG The Pure One Love, Harmony White, Pastels, Floral
NG Lord of Silver Linings Mercy, Hope, Healing Sky Blue, Rainbow, Silver
NG The Traveler Travel, Stars Yellow, Black, Silver
CG The Guardian Happiness, Liberty, Freedom Black, Gray, White
CG Raconteur Art, Poetry, Music, Humor Red, Gold
CG The Shimmering One Beauty, Moons Silver
CG The Great Huntress Archery, Hunting, Patience Green, Brown
CG The Coddler Restful Sleep, Dreams, Aspirations Midnight Blue, Lt. Gray, Silver
AL Deity Spheres of Influence Colors
LN The Founder Law, Order, Cities Blue, Red
LN The Mule Math, Science, Invention, Reasoning, Knowledge Gray
LN PowerMaster Medicine, Strength Blue, White, Silver
LN The Old Man War, Power, Strategy Green, White
LN Eye Opener Wisdom Lt. Brown
N Mother of the Elements Elements Brown, Silver, Red, Blue
N The Riftmaster Magic Black, White
N The Bear Nature Green, Brown
N The Landlord Money, Business, Greed Gold, Silver, Platinum
N Fate Scribe Time, Fate, Prophesy Lt. Green, Silver
CN Battle Rager Battle, Chaos, Berserking, Courage Blue, Red
CN The Watcher Wanderers, Loneliness Gray, Brown, Green, White
CN The Storm Lord Lightning, Thunder, Storms Green, Blue, Silver
CN Risk Thievery, Gambling, Luck Gray, Dk. Brown, Black
CN The Laugher Passion, Wine Purple
AL Deity Spheres of Influence Colors
LE The Corrupter Envy, Injustice, Jealousy Green
LE The Overlord Oppression, Slavery Red, Brown
LE The Dark One Darkness, Dusk, Night Black
LE The Flaymaster Pain, Hurt, Torture, Cold Ice Blue
NE Harvester of Souls Death, Underworld Black, Bone White
NE Locust Lord Famine, Hunger, Starvation Gray, Burgundy
NE Emperor of Scorn Bigotry, Hate Gold, Dk. Blue
NE The Seller of Souls Murder, Revenge Red, Black
CE Rotlord Sickness, Epidemics, Disease, Plague, Vermin Drab Yellow, Sickly Green
CE The Confuser of Ways Lies, Deceit, Mischief various
CE Prince of Terror Nightmares, Fear all colors
CE Creator of Strife Discord, Misfortune, Foul Weather Clashing Red, Green, Orange
CE The Vicelord Vice, Sloth Brown


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